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“David is an experienced attorney who exhibits professionalism, integrity and a practical cost-benefit approach to business litigation. He assisted me under very difficult circumstances and led us to a successful outcome. I recommend him as consul for all business disputes, contracts, and real estate matters.”

-George R.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jay Strauss for more than 20 years. More than a great lawyer, he is a great counselor. As a counselor, Jay applies the business wisdom he has acquired over the years as a business advocate, litigator and advisor to the legal challenges and opportunities of small, medium and large corporations. Because of Jay’s extensive and deep business and legal experience, he is able to approach legal issues from the perspective of the client. Seeing the issue from the client’s perspective, he treats the client’s position as if it was his own and advocates with the confidence that his client is entitled to the best outcome possible under the circumstances. A consummate “people person,” while he always works towards an amicable solution, he is no stranger to the need to litigate when reason does not prevail. Jay is the “go to” lawyer for PDS Tech in California.

-Cash N

“David Winton is someone who is committed to getting his clients results. He cares about his clients and makes it easy to understand the next steps no matter what you are tackling. He takes the sometimes complicated legislative system and brings clarity to it. I would recommend him hands down if you are looking for an expert who cares about his clients. Most importantly you want to spend more time doing business and what you love knowing you are taken care of with your legal needs behind the scenes.”

-Jeffery S.

“I was 79 year old employee of a Steamship Agency, when my employer unjustly terminated me after twenty five plus years of commendable service.

I tried to find a lawyer to consult my situation to no avail. Through the internet I found Winton Strauss office, to which I sent an email

Atty. Strauss called me and he asked me to come to their office for a face to face interview. I finally found a gentle and compassionate lawyer that was willing to take my case.

If it was not for Atty. Strauss and Attn: Winton I might not have been able to receive a considerable settlement from my previous employer. I am very thankful for all the assistance of the office of Winton Strauss. I highly recommend the office of Winton Strauss to anyone that need the assistance of an attorney. They are kind and easily approachable to your need of an attorney.”

-Robert Corominas 12/9/14

“David is probably the smartest (and most effective) attorney that I know in the Bay Area…and the results that he provides for my clients have reflected this.

David has a unique ability to cut through the noise and boil the problem AND solution down to simple, straightforward steps. I always know David will put the client’s best interests before his and as a result save them months and $1,000s in fees”


Let it be known that Jay Strauss saved me and my family.

I had an unusual incident with a major company in the garment industry, such that I suffered a debilitating breakdown which took nearly a year to recover from. Obviously, without income for that period of time, it was extremely difficult to survive financially.

Jay fought for me and my family, even when I wanted to quit, he helped me to understand the process and weather the storm.

The company brought in heavy duty lawyers, but Jay took all of them on and was instrumental in coming to a resolution that helped me to financially recover and returned my dignity and belief in my self worth.

Since the settlement, I have returned to the garment industry with a company that trusts and respects me as a human being and a person that contributes to the organization.

Thanks Jay, without your determination to see this task to its successful conclusion, I would not be happy today.


-Adrienne Love

“David has worked for and with me to find a resolution to a very difficult business issue we have recently had to address. He was able to bring about the exact results we had discussed prior to engaging in the work. He did so within our budget and our time line. In addition to his expertise in legal affairs, myself and my team found him extremely personable and very easy to work and communicate with. He is and remains my first choice when seeking legal advice.

-Sam S.

United States District Court Northern District of California United States Courthouse San Francisco, California 94102

Chambers of J.P.Vukasin, Jr. United States District Judge

March 10, 1989

Jay Richard Strauss FLEISCHMANN & STRAUSS 650 California St., Suite 2550 San Francisco, CA 94108J2606

Re: Clegg, et al. v. Baum, et al. CJ85J8721 WWS CJ85J9132 WWS

Dear Mr. Strauss:

I recently received a copy of the executed Stipulation Re Voluntary Dismissal with Prejudice, and I cannot let this occasion pass without acknowledging your immense contribution to the disposition of this complicated case.

Through at least four full-day settlement conferences, plus five or six half-day sessions with up to fourteen parties, and ten or eleven attorneys, your constant, steady, and constructive participation was, in my mind, the most important factor in this settlement. All of us deeply appreciate your magnificent coordination of drafting and obtaining execution of the fifteen or more settlement documents necessary to resolve the conflicting interests of all of these parties. I doubt very much this disposition could have been accomplished without your highly professional and significant efforts.

All of us who participated in this case owe you our gratitude, and I hereby extend mine.

Very truly yours,

J.P. Vukasin, Jr.

JPV: scc

cc: Jude William W. Schwarzer

Jay Richard Strauss, Attorney c/o FLEISCHMANN & STRAUSS 120 Montgomery San Francisco, California [re: Peterson v. Bank of America]

Dear Mr. Strauss:

I am writing this letter to congratulate you on a masterful representation of the Petersons.

Your exchange with [the Bank of America Manager] and summation deserved audible acclaim. But of course this would have sent Minder [the Alameda County Superior Court Judge] through the roof.

Sincerely Garland White

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