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Woman Sues Nursing Company For Wrongful Termination

On behalf of , P.C. posted in wrongful termination on Monday, June 6, 2016.

A couple of months ago, we wrote a post about wrongful termination and how there are certain circumstances where a company fires or terminates an employee that leads to a lawsuit. This is an important subject, and today, we have a news story about it that though it doesn’t originate from San Francisco, it does highlight important aspects of wrongful termination that relate to anyone, anywhere.

A woman who used to work as an executive director of a nursing company has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company after she was fired for not meeting “job requirements” that were actually labeled “supervisory goals” in her contract.

The requirements stated that the woman needed to keep staff turnover under a certain threshold and that profits had to increase by 15 percent. She was under the impression that these were lofty goals to aim for, not requirements of her job that could constitute a termination. She is now suing the company for lost wages and breach of contract.

There aren’t many other details in this case, other than the fact that the company gave some vague answers in regard to the woman’s firing that referenced worker dissatisfaction. It will be interesting to see if her side of the case holds up.

Remember: even when you are fired, you have rights. Companies don’t have the ability to just fire you in unfair, discriminatory or retaliatory ways. If you have been terminated from your job in a wrongful manner, consult with an attorney to review your case.

Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle, “Health care director files wrongful termination lawsuit,” Lewis Kendall, June 5, 2016

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