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On Workplace Discrimination, And How Victims Should Proceed

On behalf of , P.C. posted in workplace discrimination on Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

Everybody wants to perform and act in a setting where they are being treated fairly, regardless of what they are doing. You could be playing sports, raising a child, hanging out with friends or, yes, working at your job — and in all of these scenarios, the expectation is that we are being treated fairly and without bias.

Unfortunately, that does not always happen. People discriminate against other people for a variety of (invariably unjust) reasons. When this happens in the workplace, the effects are incredibly damaging to the victim, who feels embarrassed, upset and unwanted — and for no reason other than that their fellow co-workers couldn’t treat them equally and with respect.

It shouldn’t matter what your race or ethnicity is. It shouldn’t matter what your religion is. Your sexual orientation; your age; your pregnancy; your disability; none of these factors should come into play when you are on the job and trying to get your work done. When an employer discriminates against you based on any of these factors, or fails to stop discrimination from happening after you report such despicable behavior, then you should consider the legal side of your case.

The Winton Strauss Law Group has been handling workplace discrimination lawsuits in the Bay Area for a long time. We have the ability and the experience to help you fully understand your case. We can advocate on your behalf and support you as you seek justice for the discrimination to which you were unjustly subjected.

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