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Some Situations Where Wrongful Termination Applies

On behalf of , P.C. posted in wrongful termination on Monday, April 25, 2016.

When an employee is fired or discharged from their job, it is natural to be angry and upset with your employer. You may think back to some conversations you had with supervisors or conflicting ideas you had with fellow employees, and, naturally, you may think that those individual moments are what led to your dismissal. You may even think that your firing was wrongful or illegal. These are common feelings to have in the wake of a firing.

In truth, many firings or dismissals are legitimate. But there are times where employees are wrongfully terminated, so it is important to know some of the circumstances that are involved in a wrongful termination.

Discrimination plays a huge role here. No matter your status as an employee (whether you are an “at-will” employee or not), if your employer terminated your employment for discriminatory reasons, then the firing was not legitimate.

Wrongful termination can also occur if the employer violates the contract signed by the employee, either by violating the length of time noted in the contract, or by retaliating against the employee for something they did or refused to do. To that last point, if you refuse to do something illegal that the company is asking you to do, and you are fired for that decision, then that constitutes wrongful termination — among some other possible legal consequences for the employer.

If these situations apply to you, then you should consult with an attorney to make sure your situation is appropriately addressed and you receive the justice you deserve.

Source: FindLaw, “Was I Wrongfully Discharged From My Job?,” Accessed April 25, 2016

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